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Shim Shopping Simplified: Tips for Efficient Door Frame Alignment

Aligning door frames correctly is a critical task in both construction and renovation projects. The key to achieving this precision lies in the use of shims – thin pieces of material used to fill small gaps or spaces between objects. In the world of door frame alignment, plastic shims are particularly popular due to their durability, versatility, and ease of use. This blog post will guide you through the essentials of shim shopping and provide tips for efficient door frame alignment, aligning perfectly with the ethos of Packers Direct – to provide straightforward, reliable solutions for construction needs.

Understanding the Role of Shims in Door Frame Alignment

Before diving into the specifics of shim shopping, it’s important to understand why shims are so crucial in door frame alignment. A door frame that is not properly aligned can lead to issues like difficulty in opening and closing the door, uneven gaps, and long-term damage to both the door and the frame. Shims address these issues by allowing fine adjustments to be made to the frame, ensuring it is perfectly level and plumb.

Selecting the Right Shims

The first step in effective shim shopping is selecting the right type. Plastic shims, available at Packers Direct, are an excellent choice due to their resistance to moisture, decay, and insect damage – common issues in wooden shims. When selecting plastic shims, consider the following factors:

  1. Thickness and Size: Shims come in various thicknesses and sizes. The choice depends on the size of the gap you need to fill. It’s often wise to have a variety of sizes and thicknesses on hand to ensure you’re prepared for any situation.
  2. Material Quality: Opt for high-quality, durable plastic that can withstand the weight and pressure of the door frame without compressing over time.
  3. Ease of Use: Look for shims that are easy to trim or snap, allowing for quick adjustments during installation.

Tips for Efficient Door Frame Alignment

Once you have the right shims, the next step is to use them effectively. Here are some tips for efficient door frame alignment:

  1. Measure and Assess Gaps: Before installing the shims, use a level to assess where the frame is out of alignment. Measure the gaps to determine the thickness of the shims needed.
  2. Positioning the Shims: Place the shims in the right locations – typically at the hinge side, lock side, top, and bottom of the door frame. This ensures even distribution of pressure and alignment.
  3. Securing the Frame: After placing the shims, check the alignment again with a level. Once satisfied, secure the frame in place by nailing through the shim into the framing.
  4. Trimming Excess Shim Material: After the frame is secured, trim any part of the shim that extends beyond the frame. This not only gives a neat finish but also prevents any future interference with the operation of the door.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

While shimming a door frame might seem straightforward, there are common mistakes to avoid:

  • Over-Shimming: Adding too many shims can warp the frame. It’s crucial to add just enough to achieve alignment without overdoing it.
  • Ignoring Long-Term Material Changes: Remember that materials expand and contract with temperature and humidity changes. Plastic shims, being less susceptible to these changes, are a safer choice in this regard.

Going Beyond Door Frames

While our focus here is on door frame alignment, it’s worth noting that shims have a wide range of applications in construction and DIY projects. From leveling cabinets and furniture to window installations and even in smaller woodwork projects, the right shim can make all the difference. Understanding how to select and use shims effectively across these various scenarios can greatly enhance the quality and ease of your work.

Utilizing Online Resources

For those who are new to using shims or seeking more advanced tips, there are numerous online resources available. From instructional videos to detailed guides, learning how to effectively use shims is just a few clicks away. Additionally, engaging with online communities or forums can provide practical advice and solutions to specific challenges you might encounter in your projects.


Efficient door frame alignment is crucial for the longevity and functionality of doors. By selecting the right plastic shims and using them effectively, this task can be simplified significantly. Remember, the key is in the precision – not just in the alignment process, but also in the selection of the right shims.

For a wide range of high-quality plastic shims that meet various door frame alignment needs, visit Packers Direct. Our products are designed to ensure that your construction or renovation projects are completed with utmost precision and ease.

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