Type ESL Slotted Load Bearing Specialist Packers


Type ESL Slotted Load Bearing Specialist Packers in size of 70 x 70 mm and thickness from 2 to 9 mm.

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Type ESL Slotted Load Bearing Specialist Packers in size of 70 x 70 mm and thickness from 2 to 9 mm.

If you’re working with heavy loads, regular packers don’t have the strength that you need. The Type ESL Packers are specialist packers that are designed to handle large weights with ease. These specialist home packers are load-bearing and high impact. Unlike regular packers, the Type ESL packers do not bend or break under duress. These specialist packers will retain their integrity under high pressure making them apt for installations of concrete or granite slabs, or other heavy items. These packers increase security around the fixing point and make your build tighter and more secure. The Type ESL packers have been tested for performance and comply with quality standards.

Packers are essential for almost any building requirement, and that’s why having quality packers is so important. Our specialist packers are long-lasting and durable, and moulded from industrial grade material. Type ESL packers are strong and sturdy, and come in a slotted shape. These specialist packers make adjustable levelling easy, even when you’re working on difficult jobs. Professionals only work with the best of tools – that’s why our products are trusted by experts every day. These specialist packers will make your job faster and will eliminate any need to cut out wood laboriously. The Type ESL packers come in different thicknesses for your convenience – letting you pick the size that best fits your requirements. Is this not the product you’re looking for? Take a look at our range of other specialist packers or contact us for further assistance.

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2mm – Black, 3mm – Black, 5mm – Black, 7mm – Black, 9mm – Black


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