Type A Frame Packers


Type A Plastic Frame Packers with size of 45 x 55 mm and thickness from 1 mm to 6mm.

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Type A Plastic Frame Packers with size of 45 x 55 mm and thickness from 1 mm to 6mm.

Are you working on a home installation? Whether you need to fit out a door jamb or a window, these Type A plastic frame packers are just the tools you need. The Type A Frame Packers’ extra wide girth gives you just that custom fitting you need to level off that installation. The rounded edge also makes this product apt for a variety of different applications. The combination of its ‘U’ shape and the retainers on the side make sure that it doesn’t fall off from where you put it. Our no-slip covering ensures that you’re able to trust that this won’t get in your way – it does exactly what it’s supposed to, and it does it right. Gone are your days of laboriously cutting up plywood to custom proportions. Our plastic Type A Frame Packer guarantees you no rot and long lasting durability.

Customized for the utmost user satisfaction, our packers have been tried and tested by professionals. Our product design process has you in mind from start to finish. Manufactured in bright colors, the Type A Frame Packer will make sure you’re able to identify them under the most hectic of circumstances – because we believe in making your job easier. So take one less worry off your mind, and order these to your doorstep. Is this product not what you’re looking for? Take a look at our wide range of other plastic frame packers on our website or contact us for assistance.

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Pack Size

100, 200, 1000


1mm – Yellow, 2mm – Green, 3mm – Blue, 4mm – Red, 5mm – Brown, 6mm – Black


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