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Packers vs. Shims: Understanding the Difference

Distinguishing Between Packers and Shims

In the UK construction market, there’s often confusion surrounding packers and shims. With numerous brands out there, it’s crucial to trust one that stands out not just in terms of quality but also legacy. Enter Packers Direct, a brand synonymous with premium quality in the world of construction.

Established in 1989, PackersDirect have been leading manufacturers of Plastic and Aluminium products, diligently serving the Construction and Glazing industry from their base in London, UK. Before we dive deep into understanding the nuances of packers vs. shims, let’s understand why choosing a trusted brand like Packers Direct makes a difference.

The Unique Role of Packers in Construction

Packers, these flat, often rectangular objects made from plastic or metal, play a pivotal role in construction, ensuring that fixtures, windows, and doors are correctly installed. But not all packers are created equal. Packers Direct guarantees product quality and consistency, thanks to their investment in modern moulding machinery. Such attention to detail is why many in the UK prefer their products, especially for door and window installations.

Why Shims are Essential for Precision Leveling

Shims, while also essential for gap-filling, are predominantly used for precision leveling and alignment. The distinction becomes clearer with high-quality shims, like those from Packers Direct, which maintain an edge over others due to their consistent quality. The company’s commitment to quality was further cemented when they gained accreditation in December 1993 to the internationally recognised standard ISO 9001, Quality Management System.

Choosing the Right Tool for Your Project

Understanding the differences between packers and shims is paramount. But it’s equally crucial to choose a brand that understands and values your needs. Packers Direct believes in developing a partnership with its customers. They’ve been:

  • Listening and understanding customer requirements
  • Providing the right product for the right purpose
  • Giving information needed for an informed choice
  • Ensuring consistent products and reliable service
  • Offering products from stock for immediate delivery

Such dedication to customer service makes them a preferred choice for many in the UK.


In essence, while packers and shims both assist in ensuring proper fit and alignment, packers are primarily used to fill spaces and ensure a tight fit, while shims are used for precision leveling and alignment. Packers Direct, with its rich legacy, offers top-notch quality in both.

Discover the difference that quality makes. Trust in a legacy built over decades. Choose Packers Direct and experience precision and quality firsthand! Dive deeper into our range of solutions now.

Craftsmanship Meets Global Standards

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