Type H Mixed Frame Packers


Type H Mixed Frame Packers in size of 50 x 100 mm and thickness from 1 to 6 mm.

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Type H Mixed Frame Packers in size of 50 x 100 mm and thickness from 1 to 6 mm.

If you’re working on an installation job, odds are you’ll be needing frame packers. Why cut wood up laboriously and waste time when you can make your installation process go faster and more smoothly with these plastic frame packers? It’s common to not know what exact dimension packers you’ll need on the job, which makes the Type H Mixed Frame packers a great option to buy. This is a set of assorted packers of Type H and come in different sizes, and is perfect if you need flexibility in options. The Type H mixed frame packers come in a horseshoe shape with square corners. These assorted packers have inner fastenings to help keep the fixing point of your installation secure and stable. With these frame packers, you will also avoid any deflections of your unit from its frame.

Wood can often rot in the presence of humidity and bad weather, but with these assorted packers, you won’t face any issues with their longevity. What’s more, these packers are specially designed with industrial grade materials meant to withstand heavy loads and pressure. These assorted packers will give any job a professional edge and ensure quality – that’s why professionals use them every day. This product comes in distinctive colors for ease of identifications and are hassle-free to purchase. The Type H mixed frame packers also come in various quantities, making them perfect for any requirement. Is this not the product you’re looking for? Take a look at our wide range of other frame packers on our website, or contact us for further assistance.

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