Type A Mixed Frame Packers


Type A Mixed Frame Packers in size of 45 x 55 mm.

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Type A Mixed Frame Packers in size of 45 x 55 mm.

If you’re working on a home or building installation, you probably find yourself in need of plastic frame workers. Plastic frame packers are handy tools in every fitting job. Don’t know what dimension packers you need? We’ve got you covered. This mix of Type A assorted frame packers ensures that you have the right dimension packer for any fitting or packing job. These mixed packers come with a rounded, horseshoe shape making them versatile and apt for many kinds of fitting jobs. With the Type A assorted packers, you’ll be able to save precious time instead of laboriously cutting up plywood to specific proportions. The retainers on the inner edges of these packers make sure that your fastenings are secure and that these packers do not shift later, preventing any deflections of your unit from its frame.

This set of assorted packers come in different quantities for your convenience. The Type A assorted frame packers come in distinctive colors for easy identification later. These mixed packers are made from high quality material that is designed to withstand heavy loads and pressure. Our assorted packers are long-lasting and strong, and are immune to adverse weather conditions and deterioration. These assorted packers are easy to order, and will be delivered right to where you are. Is this product not what you’re looking for? Take a look at our wide range of plastic frame packers on our website or contact us for further assistance.

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